Bells are fun. Bells are safe.  Bells are social.

A good quality bell has a nice, pleasant ring.  They can bring a smile to the face of the user (dinger) and the hearer (dingee). Bells promote a cheery mood and friendliness between riders.

A bell is a very useful way to say hello or goodbye to other riders.  Bells are good at communicating "on your left", without the startle that can happen with yelling.  A simple ding will let other cyclists, pedestrians and dogs know where you are.

A bell is a nice way to greet other cyclists on the road or trail.  DING= "Hi, nice day isn't it?"

A bell is a nice way to say farewell to other riders as you part company. DING= "Nice to ride with you today"

A bell is a convenient way to say hello to your group. DING= "I finally caught up with the group and I am out of breath"

The law requires motorized vehicles to have a noise maker (horn) for safety.  The law does not require non-motorized vehicles to have a bell or horn, but it surely is a good idea! Bells may be required in some European countries.  I am not sure.

County Cycles has 35 different bells in stock!  There are many different mounting styles.  The brass ones have the best tone.  Some can be very loud.  Unique varieties include a bell with a compass; and the fun named "taco bell": it has a picture of a taco on it!.  Another style is labeled "Burrito Powered" with a picture of a burrito on it.



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