Best Bike Gadgets of 2014+2015 Sneak Peek!

 Innovation and new products keeps the bike business buzzing and my job very interesting.  2014 was a great year for new stuff. Here are a few that I am especially fond of.


By far and away this technology is changing faster than anything else in the bike world.  LEDs get brighter, batteries get lighter and lights get smaller each year.  Light and Motion’s new Urban series headlights have been greatly improved. They are still made in USA, have highly visible side lights and are easy to mount.  They give  the output of a light at a fraction of the size and weight and would have cost almost four times as much ten years ago.  Serfas’s Thunderbolt taillight puts out 35 lumens. Both of these great lights are USB rechargeable.



Incredibell’s new bell mount replaces the stem cap so it takes up no handlebar real estate.  Of course the brass one sounds best.



Serfas dominated the multi-tool competition with an innovative combination of CO2 dispenser and multi-tool.  It does not get any more compact than this. 



Continental’s Grand Prix Classic is a high-quality folding tire that’s handmade in Germany. At only fifty dollars it’s a great value!


Phone Holders:

There continues to be more ways to mount your smart phone to your bike. Koki’s Mogi holds your phone with room for a tube and tire levers.  It comes in many different colors.  If you only want to carry your phone, Minnoura’s phone Grip is a very secure phone only holder.



Disc brakes on road and cyclocross bikes are beginning to become a common denominator when it comes to wanting a lot of stopping power.


And now a sneak peek into 2015! There are a couple new items I have on order, but have not yet received.


Bontrager’s TLR Flash Charger pump will seat a tubeless tire like a shop compressor.


Ritchey has produced a torque wrench set, while not complete or shop quality it will do what the home mechanic needs.  It is set to 5Nm and comes with 3,4 &5 hex, T-20 & T-25 torx, and a Phillips head.  Anyone who works on a bike with any carbon should have a torque wrench.


What has not changed over the years and decades is that my trusty floor pump is my most used gadget.

 Does anyone have something to make spring come early?



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