Bicycle Storage

If you have a bike you have to keep it somewhere.  If you have several bikes in the household it becomes more complex.   Most of us that work at County Cycles have a fleet of bikes including favorite rider, a few projects, maybe a friends bike, and that old one we can’t bear to part with.  Where do we keep them all?

The first consideration should be to decide on the location and then determine how the bikes will fit.  Bikes can be hung from a ceiling, they can be hung on a wall vertically or horizontally, they can be hung away from a wall, or they can be on the floor.

There are many devices available to hang your bikes.  Some hang the bike from the rim so the bike in vertical.  This takes the width of the handlebar left to right and the height of the bike coming away from the wall.  This is how we store bikes at County Cycles. You are welcome to come in and look at our system.  Having the hook coated with vinyl protects the rim from being scratched.

Other devices hang the bike from the top tube.  This requires the length of the bike left to right and the width of the handle bar protruding from the wall.  You can often stack two bikes one above the other with this system.

Devices that are free-standing or brace against the floor and ceiling can be great storage in an apartment.  These do not require drilling holes or installing devices that may not be permitted in apartments.

Hanging bikes from the ceiling can be a great space saver. A storage hoist uses a rope and pulleys to pull the bike up out of your way.  This requires a high-enough ceiling to pull the bike up far enough to get it out of what ever you may want to put under it.

There are many devices to park a bike on the floor. These are available for single or multiple bikes.  They are like smaller versions of the traditional bike racks at a school.

To add the finishing touches to your bike storage area think about what you may want to store near you bike.  Some hooks are useful for helmets and clothing.  You may want to keep your floor pump in this area since you should check your tire pressure frequently.  A strip of Velcro is a handy way to store gloves.  A shelf can be useful to store many items.

Be sure your bike storage area is in a convenient location making it easy to hop on and ride.  Your bike will enjoy a good storage area, but it is most happy when you are riding it.



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