Bicycle fitting is both an art and a science.  There is not one perfect fit for every rider.  One rider often has a different fit on different bikes.  Many factors come into play when fitting a bike such as personal preference, flexibility, age, and cycling desires.

A custom bicycle frame is the ultimate personalization of bike fit.  Besides the frame, fitting can suggest changes in handlebar width and bend; stem length and angle; crank arm length; cleat position; cleat shims; saddle height, width, angle and fore/aft adjustment, which might require a different seatpost.

A good fitting bike is not a finished process.  As our cycling style changes due to experience and age, proper fitting should also change.  Some cyclists alter their fitting through the season.  Different riding styles suggest different fits.  For example, I sit more upright on my touring bike than on my faster road bike. 

Bike fitting is for everyone!  Fitting can improve performance,  comfort, and  the enjoyment.  I cringe inside when I hear “I don’t need a bike fit, I don’t have any problems.”  Fitting is not just to solve problems, but it is to improve the interaction between bike and body; person and machine.    Do you want to be faster?  Do you want to feel better the day after a long ride?  Fitting can help.

At County Cycles, Ron has been fitting riders for over thirty years.  He has honed the art of fitting.  He is very knowledgeable about the science of fitting, having studied it for decades and keeps up on current information.   Most importantly, he is good at listening to riders’ concerns and translating that into a good position on the bike.

A bike also increases your fitness, but that is a different kind of fit.



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