Bike Trailers

You can carry more than you can imagine with a bike trailer.   Trailers are usually either designed for children or gear.  They can have one wheel, two, and rarely four.  Some have options expanding their usefulness beyond biking.

Child trailers are either designed for the child to sit passively or to pedal.  Trailers for the non-pedaling child are usually designed to accommodate one or two children.  Some will only accommodate one child.   Many have options to also be used as a stroller, a jogger, or even a ski trailer.   Having some storage for toys and snacks is very important.  Seat belts are a must have item, you do not want an unexpected off loading experience!  We stock the Burley Bee that can accommodate one or two children.

Trailers for children to pedal are fun and a great way to expand family biking miles.  The child needs to be old enough to sit upright and understand not to jump off while in motion.  There are many quality brands; we carry Trek’s.  Every brand has it’s own hitch and attachment system which are not interchangeable.  Be careful of brands that might not have parts available down the road.  Pedal trailers for two children are long and unwieldy. 

Trailers designed to haul gear are a great way to expand what you can do on your bike. One wheel trailers are more agile and work best for single track mountain bike riding.  About half the weight of these goes onto the rear wheel of the bicycle.  Two wheel trailers are more stable left to right and put almost all the weight on the trailer wheels.  We stock both the Burley Nomad and Burley Flatbed.  As with any loaded bike, you should experiment with weight distribution.  Generally one-wheeled trailers should have heavier items in the rear.  Very large trailers with multiple axles often have four wheels.  They can accommodate large and heavy loads.   Do you want to bring home a full size refrigerator?  No kidding, it has been done by bike!

What ever your trailer, remember common bike sense.  You should carry a tube for your trailer wheel size.  A rear blinkey light is a good idea for all trailers.

Take a look at some of our trailers here.



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