Buying A Bike Helmet

The point of a bicycle helmet is safety in the event of an accident.  There might be someone out there that feels they are a fashion statement, but I have not yet met that person.

All the helmets we carry at County Cycles pass the CPSC tests and are quite effective in protecting your brains.  Modern bike helmets are made of polystyrene that will crush on impact, saving your head from much of the trauma.  For this reason they are a “one crash” helmet.  It your helmet has sustained an impact, thank it but replace it.   Most manufacturers suggest a five-year life for a helmet.  This is because the polystyrene foam hardens over time. An older helmet is not as safe! 

The fit of a helmet is the most crucial factor when picking out your new “lid”.  A bicycle helmet that fits poorly may be uncomfortable, but more important it might not stay in place in an accident, seriously compromising safety.  A proper-fitting helmet will be level with the ground when you are standing.  It should touch your head all the way around and be snug without giving you a headache. We carry five brands so you are sure to find a good fit.  Try on at least two brands before buying.  We will be happy to adjust your new helmet when you purchase it.

Generally, as the price of a new helmet goes up the weight goes down and the ventilation goes up. A well-designed helmet with good ventilation will be cooler than a bare head.   Many helmets come with a visor that helps keep the sun or rain out of your eyes.  Most visors are removable, if you choose not to use it.

No one plans an accident.  Be prepared for one anyway with a sleek, cool, and proper-fitting bicycle helmet.



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