Everyone Can Use A Repair Stand!

If you ride, you work on bikes!  At a minimum everyone (should) pump their tires. A general cleaning is something anyone can do. Cleaning your bike will help components last longer, and gives you a chance to look closely at things.  This might enable you to spot a problem before it becomes serious,

Having a bicycle work stand or repair stand is a great help for any kind of maintenance.  Most will hold the bike at a good level for working and keep the bike stable.  Nicer ones allow you to move the bike around to get at the area you are working with. Higher quality stands usually are easier to adjust to different bikes, Some allow you to true the wheel with an attachment, sometimes included, sometimes an additional accessory.




Heavy duty repair stands like we use every day can get expensive.   There are a number of quality stands at a more moderate price.  My first stand was very basic and holds the rear wheel off the ground. These are still made and (of course) are in stock at County Cycles for only $19.99!  We stock stands from five different manufacturers ranging from $19.99 to $300.



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