Giant & Liv Mountain Bikes

We are excited to be offering you some great bikes from the Giant family, including their woman’s line called Liv. The Liv company is run and staffed by women who ride.  This translates into a better fitting and better performing ride for most women.

One of the more important things we like about working with Giant, is that they are their own manufacturer.  They make their own carbon and aluminum tubes. Their carbon composite frames are more compliant and lighter than aluminum frames. Their research department keeps improving their bikes.  This also increases efficiency, resulting in a better value for you, our customers.

Giant is a strong proponent of 27.5 inch wheel size.  It is the happy medium of mountain bike wheel sizes.  It is much lighter than 29 inch.  It has a better angle of attack over obstacles than 26 inch. This size increases control over 26 inch due to the larger contact patch because of better traction. They also use boost spacing, which are built around wider hubs increasing strength.

Giant has partnered with tire manufacturer Maxis.  The tubeless combination of Giant’s wheels and tires made by Maxis has a very secure and tight fit.

Giant’s full suspension frames have some wonderful technology in the rear.  It has been refined to increase sensitivity and increase traction. Their Trunion mount system allows a longer shock shaft with shorter chain stays.  Their rear suspension design has fewer pivots than some designs.  Mechanically it is usually a good idea to reduce wear areas, keeping things more simple.

Some notable bikes in their extensive line up include:

The XTC series. This frame features a sliding drop out resulting in a very versatile frame which will fit 27.5 plus, or extra wide wheels or 29 inch.

The Trance family.  These bikes are light weight full suspension machines which turns on its head the old idea that full suspension bikes do not climb well.

The Talon Two is a nice bike at an excellent price! It is only $750 including tubeless tires!

Come on in and test ride your new Liv or Giant mountain bike!



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