Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes, adventure bikes, multi-purpose bikes, off pavement road bikes, touring bikes, cyclocross bikes, CX bikes and grinder bikes are all different terms for similar bicycles.  The common features among these bikes are road – drop - handlebars and clearance for relatively wide tires.

Gravel racing has been around for about ten years, so it is a relatively new form of bicycle racing.   There are few, if any standards for these events.  If you are racing one of these events, check with the race promoter.  There may be equipment restrictions or recommendations.

For the rest of us non-racers, these machines open up new places and ways to ride. Like many things, gravel riding is not a totally new phenomenon but rather a modified concept.  People have been riding bikes on all types of terrain since the bike’s invention. While the concept is the same, the equipment has drastically improved.

Today’s adventure bikes are faster, more comfortable, and safer.  Changes to the brakes, wheels, shifting, and ergonomics all make a huge difference to the rider’s experience.

We are stocking a variety of these very versatile bikes including Trek Crossrip, Trek 520, Felt V85, and Felt F65X.

If you want a bike that does it all, or a bike that is more sensible for fast recreational riding, you should take a look at this category.



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