Happy Feet Pedaling in Inclement Weather

There are two major obstacles to keeping your feet happy when the weather turns toward winter.  You want to keep warm and not have your feet slip off the pedals.

There are many ways to keep your feet firmly on the pedals. A great choice is to continue with your normal clip-in (clipless) pedals and switching to a winter shoe.  These are expensive, but the best option for many types of riding.

Another way to keep your feet warm is to ride in warm boots or shoes intended for walking.  This is not as secure or efficient as your clip-in system, but most Minnesotans already have these shoes.  This can be a bit dangerous as these shoes tend to slip off the pedals at an inopportune moment.

There are two ways to help keep your winter boots on the pedals. One is switching to pedals with lots of grip built in.

Another good way is using “Power Grips” which are straps which fit diagonally across you shoe.  The rider twists to the side, much like getting out of clip-in pedals to loosen the strap.  When the boot or shoe is in normal riding position the strap is snug.  These may be hard to understand without seeing them, so please come in and ask us.  If using these with a bulky boot, choose the extra-long size. 

In the olden days when clips and straps were the best option, we used toe covers that mounted on the clip.  I no longer stock these, as there are better options.  If anyone really wants these, I would relish the challenge of trying to source them.



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