In Your Saddle Bag

You should carry everything you need and nothing more. 

Finding that fine line can be tricky, but here are some basics.

Personal items

Always carry identification.  You probably want keys and maybe a phone.  You may want sunscreen, Chap Stick, and a snack.  Do not forget food for a longer ride.  You should have some money with you for food, or emergencies.

Bicycle items

You should always be prepared for a flat tire.  Add a few tools and you can fix many problems on your bike. See our February newsletter for details on this.  A map can be quite handy.  It can give you the confidence to explore somewhere new.

Clothing items

It is good to be prepared for weather.  Knee warmers, arm warmers, toe covers, and a wind vest are all fairly small.  In cooler months you may want to add more clothes including extra gloves and a jacket.

Oh yes, always be prepared for a flat tire!



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