Let's Talk About Liv!

2017 is a year of change at County Cycles! New store displays - new product assortment and best of all, we are bringing on an especially exciting new brand - Liv! Liv is a cycling brand that is run by women who engineer bikes exclusively for women. They offer not only amazing women’s bikes, but also strive to empower women to be authentic and to get the most out of their riding experience.

Liv has been around for just a few years: since 2014, officially. They continue to be the driving force for women’s bikes around the world. They push for excellence in their bicycle design from the ground up. These bikes are not smaller Giants, they are engineered specifically for a woman’s body. They focus on the fit of the bike quite a lot, but do not forget about the looks or function of each bicycle. When you look at a Liv bicycle, it doesn’t make you feel intimidated, but inspired to ride. It looks good. It feels good. And it is a great quality bicycle with great quality components. Liv has thought of everything on every one of their bikes.

Inspiring women to ride is not an easy feat. Liv tackles this challenge with ease. Not only does this company speak to women with bikes, they have a real drive to reach out and invite women all over the world to try something new and to challenge themselves. Liv offers guides on their website to help women get acquainted with their bicycles. There are video guides about maintenance, technical off-road riding, and living stylishly with your family on bikes.

There is a welcoming and supportive company behind these amazing bikes. I encourage you to have a good look at them. Come into County Cycles and ride them. You will notice the difference!



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