Post Ride Bike Care

Everyone has something they like to do after a ride. Hear are some helpful tips to use after you’ve put some miles on the bike.

  • Was it a wet or dirty ride? Keep an old towel around to wipe the bike, chain, and small parts off. In the sloppy months park your bike on a piece of cardboard or a cut down bike box to catch the slop. If you have a floor drain that works great too. That stuff is dirty!
  • After a wet ride lube the chain. This will keep it from rusting.
  • Check those tires. After you wiped the bike off, check the tires for anything they might have picked up along the way.
  • Take notes. Since the ride is fresh in your mind, note anything that may not have performed like you expected it. Shifting, brakes squealing, clicks or creaks are a few examples. Do the bounce test. Pick bike up and let drop to bounce on tires(I do this before rides too). These adjustments can all be addressed at County Cycles or if you prefer in your home workstand.
  • Take care of yourself, too! Warm up if it is cold and cool down in heat. Hydrate with fresh water and have a healthy snack.

These are a few things I like to do after a ride to keep mine and my family's bikes running smoothly.

What do you do after your ride?



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