Post Ride Clean-up

This time of year the riding can be 80 degrees and sunny or 40 and raining. Whatever your ride encounters it’s a good idea to check the bike after a ride. Here are some tips to keeping your bike running tip top after a ride.

Since the performance of the bike is fresh in your memory take notes. Write down anything you noticed while riding. That way you can address these issues at a later time when you have a stand to put the bike in or when you bring it to County Cycles to have one of our expert techs service it for you.

Wipe it down. I like to use Pro Gold Bike Wash or the Finish Line Super Bike Wash. This is more important after a dirty or wet ride. Keep an old t-shirt or rag in your car, wipe off the chain and other moving parts as well as the frame. With a clean rag wipe off the suspension. Especially remove any dirt from the stanchions. This is also a good time to check for oil leaking from you fork or rear shock. Most suspension on bicycles are not serviced nearly as often as they should be. Lube the chain before storing the bike. This will prevent some rusting if the bike sits for a long period of time after the ride.

Get changed, have a snack and a drink of water. It’s important to hydrate your muscles and recharge your body with healthy food for a speedy recovery! Your clothes may be wet. Get yourself into some comfy clothes and out of your cycling kit. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel just by doing that!

Have a fun ride everyone!





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