Simple Performance Adjustments

It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting warmer, the days longer, and the street sweepers are rolling. Time to ride your bike! Here are some simple adjustments you can make or upgrades to make your riding more fun.

Tire pressure is key. After the bike has been in storage make sure to check your tires. They have most likely lost air over the winter. A good rule to follow is to check your tires before each ride. A good floor pump with a gauge will make this task very easy.

Lube your chain. I am asked the question, “how often should I lube my chain” all of the time. This can be a tough one. Conditions play a big part in this. For the average person once a month is enough. Commuters and people who ride multiple times a week may want to do this twice monthly. If you ride in very dry or wet conditions do this as needed. Always remember to wipe the chain off after applying chain lube.

Check your cables and derailleurs. Make sure they move freely and smooth. Use some Tri Flo on the cables. Just a drop into the cable housing will keep your cables moving. The derailleurs have springs and pivot points. A drop of the lube on these spots will help keep them moving and working better for you.

Ding ding! Get yourself a bell! Almost every bike I own has a bell on it. This is a great tool to have so you don’t scare pedestrians on the path. They can also be lots of fun and a good way to say hello to fellow cyclists.

Brake pads. This is one component that gets overlooked too much. The rubber hardens over time and can start to dig into the rim. This is that scratchy grinding sound you may hear when braking. Even though there is plenty of pad left, they may need to be replaced. New pads can drastically improve ride quality and safety for you! 

I hope these help make your ride better. As always, if you have any questions give me a call or email!






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