You have your cool new FAT BIKE and have ridden it a few times. Now what?

You maybe want to keep the winter slop off your new bike and body. You want to take extra clothes, a snack and spare gloves with you. You also need a place to stash that extra layer when you shed it off. Fenders and a rack, right? Not so fast.

Fat bikes are far from standardized and come in many different frame designs. The accessory companies are having a
hard time designing things that will fit most fat bikes. I do not think there will ever be a way for them to fit all frame designs. There is good news here, however.

S.K.S. and Portland Design Works (PDW) both have fenders designed for fat bikes. They get around the design
problems by attaching the front to the down tube and the rear to the seatpost. The PDW are very light, but I prefer the more substantial SKS model.

The best way to carry small items like your keys, phone and a snack is in a top tube mounted bag. My favorite is the Planet Bike snack bag. You can carry more in a bag on a rack or in frame mounted bags. We stock eight varieties.

Similar to the rear fender, seatpost mounted racks get around the frame differences which make it a challenge to mount conventional racks. Some manufacturers including Blackburn and Axiom are making fat bike racks which mount conventionally, they fit some fat bikes. You knew you were getting a unique bike, and fitting accessories to a fat bike is also a unique experience.

Stay warm, but remember, if you are not cold the first mile, you are overdressed.



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