Keeping Dry on Wet Weather Rides

Humans have dealt with weather since the beginning of time. Cyclists have dealt with it since the beginning of cycling. Fortunately, we have learned a lot in that time. I have compiled the “Greatest Hits” here. 

  1. Fenders keep water and crud off your body and your bike.  They come in multiple varieties.  The longer the fender, the more water it keeps off.  Check out the great Planet Bike Cascadia Fenders - on sale in May! 
  2. Rainwear keeps your body dry (mostly).  Your body generates heat while riding, so be careful of overdressing.  There is no perfect combination of clothing which will keep you 100% dry from the rain AND 100% dry from perspiration.  You should expect to get a little wet under the best circumstances. 
  3. Wool is a great material to wear next to your skin.   It breathes, wicks, and insulates even when wet. 
  4. Bicycle specific rainwear can be especially helpful. Your feet are low, making them susceptible to road spray, even with fenders. Light toe covers will keep your feet fairly dry.  They are also great for cool weather.  Cycling rain jackets have a longer tail and sleeves to accommodate the riding position. Cycling rain pants fasten at the cuff to avoid getting caught in the chain. 

Please keep in mind that wet conditions increase your stopping distance.  Look further ahead, plan your stops, and be careful. Disc brakes will help with this.  Visibility is decreased in the rain, so lights are a good idea.

When it rains…..we ride!



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