Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a good bike this year, although I have not been ridden as much as I like.  My owner needs to find more time to ride me next year.

Speaking of next year, there are several things I will need to make my riding better.

I like to be cleaned more often.  Please send be a Park Tool chain cleaning kit and Finish Line bike wash.  I always like my chain lubed after cleaning. Could you also send Pro Gold chain lube?

I always like to start the spring with new tape or grips.  I like the Bontrager double gel tape and Ergon grips.  They'd fit perfectly in my stocking!

It makes for smoother shifting and braking with new cables.  Could you send all four stainless steel cables, please?

I always like new tires in the spring.  Those folks at County Cycles always have plenty of choices.  I do not remember my tire size.  Maybe, you could look at me while you are here and drop off a pair of the correct size.

Please bring me a bright front and rear light.  Just because it is dark outside my owner thinks we cannot ride.

I think that new Bontrager Super Charger pump looks really cool!  My rider is always reaching for that old pump to fill my tires.

Lastly, I do not want to go on any rides next year without a flat tire kit.  I hate being walked!  Please send a nice flat tire changing kit.

Thanks Santa.  I promise to be ridden more next year.  If I am really, really good, maybe you can bring me a new bike companion the following year.


                Your faithful bike.



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